#Top5 Underwater Hotels: Luxury Underwater – Breathtaking!

By: Marjan Lazarevski - CC BY-ND 2.0

#1 Underwater Hotel: The Manta Resort, Pemba

The waterbed has an entirely different meaning at The Manta Resort on the island of Pemba. In the underwater room floating in crystal clear water, you have a great view of starfish, coral, sea turtles and possibly Latidae. Flights to Zanzibar are from 730 € to Fluege.de and you can book the hotel on TripAdvisor.

#2 Underwater Hotel: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis The Palm in Dubai has underwater suites called Poseidon and Neptune which are ideal for a breathtaking atmosphere. Romance is guaranteed. The view from the windows is a sunken city and the ruins are an amazing setting. From 380 € you can fly to Dubai and the hotel and be booked on Trip Advisor.

coral reef

By: EricCC BY-ND 2.0

#3 Underwater Hotel: Jule’s Undersea Lodge, Florida

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. There, the underwater hotel is located in Florida. The Jule’s Undersea Lodge can only be reached with diving equipment. Even though it is under water, there is no sacrificing comfort: While you feed in the chic restaurant, you can be impressed by the inter alia, sea anemones and giant rays. In a basic course, diving guests are ready for the descent into the lodge, but guests can also get their diving certificate. You can find the lodge on TripAdvisor and currently there are flights to Miami from 511 €.

#4 Underwater Hotel: Utter Inn, Sweden

The Utter Inn Hotel in Sweden has become a trendy hotel. Three meters below the surface in Lake Mälaren is the hotel. Enjoy a unique view underwater, and for all landlubbers, there are wooden terraces overlooking the sea and a wonderful view of the Swedish countryside. TripAdvisor provides you the property and you can find the perfect flight from 105 euro.

#5 Underwater Hotel: Lovers Deep, Caribbean

Lovers Deep is a luxury submarine on a Caribbean island. It is specialized for romantic getaways. Togetherness is pre-programmed accordingly. There are flights to Havana from 785€ and here you can rent a room in the submarine.


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