#Top5: Reasons to visit the USA

By: Kim Hill - CC BY-ND 2.0

#1 Reasons to visit the USA: The People

One of the biggest things tourists to America will notice is that Americans are friendly. They like to talk, to ask you how your day was and will start conversations with complete strangers while waiting in line. And if Americans learn that you’re foreign, they will recommend all sorts of places for you to visit and might even take you there if they can. Americans might even pay for your meal, just because they can.

#2 Reasons to visit the USA: The Food

America is known for obesity, which is less than flattering, but tourists here know just how good our food can be. Burgers are bigger and better in America and we have many sweet things to try, like apple pie. Since the country is so big, each region has a specialty that visitors should try.

#3 Reasons to visit the USA: The Nature

It’s been said so many times, but America is huge! Because of that, all different kinds of nature is fit into one country. From desserts, to forests, to oceans and more, there’s no end to the spectacular sights you will find in nature when you take a trip to the USA.

#4 Reasons to visit the USA: The Cities

America may have a lot of nature, but it also has a lot of cities. From New York City to Los Angeles, there are spectacular cities to see in every state. Cities are interesting because there is so much to see and do within them and America has always been a melting pot of other cultures. In New York City alone there is Little Italy, China Town and more. You can experience the world in just one city in America.

#5 Reasons to visit the USA: The Culture

American culture is a bunch of other cultures mixed together to create something unique. Within each state there can be many different cultures, but there is one overall culture that the whole country is a part of. This includes everything listed above, but so much more. Even a short stay in America will give a tourist an idea of the culture of the United States.


Heather ist 20 Jahre jung und kommt aus den USA. Im Rahmen ihres Auslandsjahres in Deutschland machte die reisefreudige Studentin ein Praktikum bei den Reisepeople. Lest ihre spannenden Artikel über die USA (in Deutsch und Englisch) und bekommt einen Einblick in ihre Perspektive.

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