#Top5: Best Foods Native to Pennsylvania

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#1 Best Foods Native to Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak

The cheesesteak  is a Philadelphia staple, and the food is best known in connection to the city.  Today there are so many places that sell cheesesteaks, it’s almost overwhelming.  The two most popular are Geno’s and Pat’s in the heart of Philadelphia.  With many combinations to try, there something for everyone.  But the most popular is still the plain cheesesteak- bread, beef, onions, and cheese wiz.

#2 Best Foods Native to Pennsylvania: Pot Pie

When most people think of pot pie, they think of an actual pie with meat and vegetables inside.  Not Pennsylvania!  The Pennsylvania version of this classic is not even a pie, it’s more like a soup.  Usually made with chicken or turkey, this hearty meal that’s usually eaten in winter includes vegetables like carrots and celery, plus noodles and potatoes.

#3 Best Foods Native to Pennsylvania: Shoofly Pie

shoofly pie

Needless to say, this is one of the more interesting foods on the list.  Shoofly pie is a sweet pie made by the Pennsylvania Dutch, which makes it popular in eastern Pennsylvania.  Made with crumbs and molasses, this pie is almost too sweet for some people. But the people of Pennsylvania love it, and you will too once you give it a taste!

#4 Best Foods Native to Pennsylvania: Scrapple

Okay, this one isn’t for everyone.  Most people think scrapple is disgusting, but they’ve probably never tried it.  That’s because it’s a mash of pork, cornmeal and flour.  Doesn’t sound good right?  Wrong!  When mixed with the correct spices and fried just right, scrapple is a delicious, purely Pennsylvanian dish.

#5 Best Foods Native to Pennsylvania: Chicken and Waffles

There are two ways to make this food, but the best way is the Pennsylvania way!  And there are no tricks with this food- it really just is chicken and waffles!  The warm, fluffy waffles are topped with pulled chicken and gravy to make a hearty, savory meal.



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