#Top3: New Year’s Eve at the Baltic Sea with a Dog – luxury apartments on the beach

By: Oliver Schmidt - CC BY-ND 2.0

We have examined these apartments for a sample travel period from 28 December to 4 January.

#1 New Year’s Eve on the Baltic Sea Exclusive apartment right on the beach “ocean waves”



Up to six people can celebrate in this modern house on New Year’s Eve. The 2- to 3-bedroom apartment is located just 150 meters from the 6 km-Göhrener sandy beach. Long walks on the beach are a blessing and a joy for the dog. The Amber promenade can be reached in just a few steps and is certainly a good place to start the New Year.

#2 New Year’s Eve on the Baltic Sea: Luxury home in Scandinavian style with Sauna



Pure luxury and the Scandinavian-style: this luxury detached house is situated between the bay and the sea in the old fishing village in the peaceful Amber Park. Until the exciting New Year’s party, you can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace or relax in the sauna and subsequent dip in the hotel’s hot tub. In just a three minute walk, you reach the Baltic coast. Dogs are welcome, but no more than one.

#3 New Year’s Eve on the Baltic Sea: High quality holiday home in the Danish style



For all Denmark fans: This modern day house was built in the Danish style, but this is also reflected in the interior. The mile-long sandy beach is within walking distance, then you can relax at the onsite spa tub, and then cosy up in front of the idyllic wood stove. Up to six people can celebrate the New Year in the Baltic Sea here.

We found these deals on Expedia. The advantage is that the owner of the vacation homes have been tested and works with the required insurance coverage. A booking here is reassuring.

Here are other apartments.


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