Things to do: Camping with dogs in Holland – the kite surfing paradise of Kijkduin

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Kijkduin is a small suburb of The Hague and the not-so-famous neighbor from the famous resort of Scheveningen. Kijkduin is part of a campsite called Roompot- a camping ground that is big enough to be it’s own city. Here you will find all your heart desires.

There are activities for the kids, a small indoor pool, which can be visited free of charge, a “Laser Tag” hall, tennis courts, mini golf, several playgrounds, a restaurant, snack bar and much more. Even for shopping, nobody actually has to leave the campsite: A space-site supermarket offers good merchandise to chic prices.


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Camping with private atmosphere

The campsites are a good size of 100 square meters. Due to the many trees and shrubs, everyone has their necessary privacy. On the square itself there is power, water and even a cable TV connection. If you still want a bit of luxury on top, book the luxury version. You are given more space even has your own toilet. Wash houses are distributed over the park, so that each camper can reach them. For long-term campers there are equipped with washing machines and for dog owners there is even a dog park.

dog park

dog park
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Beach paradise for dogs, children and kitesurfers

The wide, sandy beach can be reached on foot with a few minutes walk or by bike in no time. The beach is divided into parts where the dog can run freely and places where they need to be on a lease. Here you can see many dogs of different sizes playing merrily together, jump into the sea and feel completely comfortable. Stress among the four-legged friends is very rare.

The sandy beach in Kijkduin is a real paradise for kitesurfers. On the beach are cozy, quaint beach bars and a kitesurfing school. A beginner’s course costs around 200 euros for about 4 hours of instruction. A few years ago, the Dutch started to protect natural areas and to widen the beach artificially. As a result, a lake before the actual North Sea has formed which has a considerable size at low tide. And since it is known that wind conditions are excellent on the North Sea for kiteboarding, many go out to sea here. Especially for beginners, the quiet lake at this point is a blessing.


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Kijkduin Camping: Prices and Facts

For one night per campsite, you pay around 39 euros. Overall, two dogs are welcome. If you like, you can book ahead of time. It costs 12.50 euros extra, but you can be safe knowing that you’re housed. Especially with a dog, this is recommended.

Here you can find out more and book:


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