Scandinavia Tour: Sweden and Norway – Recommendations & advice from Björn

By: Adam Haranghy - CC BY-ND 2.0

Excerpt from the trip report from Scandinavia Bjorn Travel Blog:

Two years ago, wedid our job. A road trip in a VW bus (yes, VW, it must alreadz look like a trip shaped by hippies and surfers ideas of Bulli trips). The aim was Norway, a country of which we had always heard good things, beautiful descriptions of nature dominated by mountains and fjords and diversity. The route should go on Bornholm, a Danish Baltic Sea island, to which I have a special relationship. And from there, the Swedish west coast to Oslo, Norway and Denmark through back.

Spiked in the descriptive with numerous pictures blog post, Scandinavia: The Bulli to Bornholm through Sweden and Norway,” explained Björn and his girlfriend Tina detail what they have experienced while furnishing additional valuable tips for adventurous travel friends, which also includes a tour of Scandinavia plan. These include, for example, explanations of the dominant “everyman” in Sweden, well as an overview of what the cost of food and other expenses will be.

Scandinavian Book Tour: 

Whoever should get a taste now and want to plunge into the adventure “tour of Sweden and Norway,” we recommend these sites. On the travel booking portal, there are good deals, both for Norway as well as Sweden. Have a good tour!


Heather ist 20 Jahre jung und kommt aus den USA. Im Rahmen ihres Auslandsjahres in Deutschland machte die reisefreudige Studentin ein Praktikum bei den Reisepeople. Lest ihre spannenden Artikel über die USA (in Deutsch und Englisch) und bekommt einen Einblick in ihre Perspektive.

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